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Pop Up Gardens


For the first time in Australia it is now possible to instal a mature garden in properties where access is limited to a standard door width!

Pop Up Gardens' cleverly designed modular gardens can instantly transform courtyard spaces, balconies or roof spaces into lush green gardens without the use of heavy machinery or power tools.

Gardens can be carried in through a door or in a lift and installed in three days or less.

Modules come in a range of sizes and shapes. They can be painted, tiled or timber decked. Plants can be mature or semi mature.

Modules also feature bench seating, frames for climbing plants and a choice of curved or rectangular module shapes.

In short, you really can have an instant garden!

We have developed a number of themed gardens with predetermined plant schemes. These include, Formal, Semi Formal, Native, Mediterranean, Cottage and Edible Gardens.

If you would like more involvement in the design our consultant can work with you to design your own customised plantscape.


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Pop Up Garden Modules