Garden Design and Landscape Design For Melbourne and Adelaide

Why use a Garden Designer or Landscape Designer?

Your garden designer should provide creativity and imagination. He or she should be able to integrate plants, garden features, water features and garden spaces to create a beautiful garden that meets your needs with regard to maintenance demands and proposed uses.

Your Adelaide garden designer should be an expert horticulturist who can select the right plant for the right place with due regard for soil, climate and the theme of the garden.

In addition, and most importantly your designer should fully understand the practical aspects of garden design to take into account wind, shade, gradient or slope, drainage, and irrigation. Together with a strong understanding of building and construction methodology they can then design paving, lawn and plantscape, retaining walls, shade structures and screens.

All of this means a garden that works, is beautiful, uses the minimum amount of water and takes less effort to maintain.

In short it is "done right the first time" thus saving time and money to create a Living Picture that you can be proud of.

Planning ensures that;

Remember: Inaccurate estimating of materials by as little as five per cent can waste more than the cost of the plans.

Client Testimonials.

Many of our clients have referred us to their friends and they to their friends. Some have written to us and we include some of their comments below.

"I was a bit sceptical in the early stages but I'm glad we did it now" - Mrs Clark - Enfield

"Excellent process and outcome. No negatives. We would definitely want to do business with you again. - Ms Webb - Medindie

"Bite the bullet and leave Tony to do what he is good at" - Mr and Mrs Colwell - Vale Park

"You have done a great job-We are thrilled with how everything has come together!! - Mr and Mrs Murphy - Vale Park


What is the process?

The first part of designing your garden is the concept session. It can take as much as two hours for you to fully brief us with regard to the "look" or "feel" that you want to achieve. During this time we consider the spaces that you need for your lifestyle. We consider a host of environmental and geographic factors that affect your garden together with a range of possible themes based on your preferences.

Finally we put these garden ideas to paper in the form of non-scale sketches that show you how the garden will look at maturity Have a look at our gallery page to see the garden design process in pictures and the sketches that we provide at the Concept Session..

Before we leave we will have discussed every thing, right down to where the dustbin goes! We will have drawn some pictures, made a list of possible plants and discussed the correct installation of lawns, paving, irrigation, etc. Value: $440

The next step

If we've earned your trust in the concept session and you like our ideas then you might choose to proceed to a detailed Garden design. Using your house plans or measurement of your property we will produce computer-aided scale plans of your garden incorporating the ideas developed in the concept session.

Plans include layouts for paving, retaining walls, pergolas or verandas, irrigation, drainage, water features, garden art, sails, screens and plants.
Plans are annotated to specify landscaping installation requirements. We can also include a computer generated artists impression of the mature garden, at an additional cost, if you you would like a more 'photographic' style of presentation.

Before production of final plans one or more drafts may be presented to ensure your complete understanding of and satisfaction with, the proposed garden.

Value: Standard Individual front gardens from $2600
Standard Individual rear gardens from $2900
Courtyard or Villa blocks(front and rear gardens) from $3300
Standard blocks(front and rear gardens) from $3600
Large blocks by negotiation



View our Garden Design inspirations on our Gallery page.